Green Marathon combines the race for planting trees in Inde, France, Portugal, with the Yves Rocher Foundation under the aegis of the Institut de France to reforest and provide work for women in Tigray.
"1km travelled = 1 tree planted" with the Yves Rocher Foundation - Institut de France
Each kilometre travelled in the 4 events contributes to this goal:
Each runner can download a certificate stating his tree planting contribution in Ethiopia.
In 2012 67,615 km = 67,615 trees
In 2013 79,190 km = 79,190 trees
In 2014, 82,152 km = 82,152 trees
In 2015, 144,322 km = 144,322 trees
In 2016, 115 025 km = 115,025 trees
In 2017, 117 278 km = 117,278 trees

In 6 years, the Green Marathon Participants have succeeded in the planting of 605,582 trees in Ethiopia.
In 2017, a tree planting spot will be created in Ille-et-Vilaine in Pacé so as to plant trees locally, with the Yves Rocher Foundation - Institut de France.


One of Green Marathon delegates left for Ethiopia from the 11th to the 15th of April 2013 with the following objectives:
• Planting 67,615 trees corresponding to the 67,615 km covered during the 4 rounds of the Green Marathon 2012 with the Yves Rocher Foundation - Institut de France
• To develop partnerships with key worldwide economical stakeholders and Breton Universities with their Ethiopian counterparts