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Practical Information

Package deals

What is the marathon package deal?

Offer reserved for Marathon runners includes:

• 1 numbered bib for the marathon

• 1 Hotel bedroom for two people for the night of Saturday, 26nd of October (breakfast included)

• A guided tour of choice (Parliament of Brittany and historic heart of Rennes.).

If you come as 2 runners, only one of two runners needs to book a single package on our website and the other runner can register separately.

We also offer tickets in partnership with SNCF and the Brittany Regional Council:

• TGV (Paris / Marseille / Lyon / Montpellier / Lille / Strasbourg-Rennes) at a price of 40 euros for a round trip

To receive the package, apply directly on the Green Marathon website, specifying your choice of hotel :

We have negotiated special rates with various hotels located in strategic areas of the Green Marathon. (Starting Area, Finish, throughout the course).

The proposed rates are limited by the availability of the hotel. (Breakfast included, but tourist taxes not included) Please note: 1 package = 1 numbered bib + 1 room for 2 people, whereas 2 marathon runners’ package = 1 package + 1 number bib with normal registration

• Partner Hotels

(Do not apply directly using the hotel website to benefit from the package)

• Mercure Cesson *** :  A 10 min drive to the finish and the Marathon Village (downtown Rennes) and 20 minutes from the starting location. Conveniently located on the ring road, Mercure Rennes Cesson is a hotel easily accessible by car. Make sure you organise transportation to get to the hotel.

Overnight stay for 2 + 1 numbered bib = €95*

• Escale Oceania Rennes, Cap Malo *** : Located at the edge of the starting line and a 15 minute drive to the finish. Hotel well positioned for runners who prefer to sleep near the start, in the heart of the recreation area and Cap Malo shops. Situated at’ Porte de Rennes’. See fixed schedule for return shuttle bus.
Overnight stay for 2 + 1 numbered bib = €104*

• Mercure Rennes - Place de Bretagne ***

Located in the heart of the historic centre of Rennes and close to the Marathon Village, Mercure Rennes Place de Bretagne is close to the business centre and near the train station. 
Overnight stay for 2 people + 1 numbered bib = €115*


• Oceania Rennes Saint-Grégoire ****: Located in Saint-Grégoire, Boulevard Robert Schuman, 5 minutes from the start and 15 minutes from the finish. This 4- star hotel offers contemporary rooms with an Aquatonic fitness centre with Spa (at an extra cost).

Overnight stay for 2 people + 1 bib = €120*

•  Novotel Rennes Centre Gare**** : The Novotel Rennes Centre Gare is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Rennes, a 2 minute walk from the train and bus station. Located near the finish and shuttles for the Sunday morning. Free access to the Pool and Steam Room.

Overnight stay for 2 people + 1 numbered bib = €130*



• By air: many airlines with arrival at Rennes Airport.

• By train: In partnership with SNCF, we provide Marathon runners with a price of 40 euros round trip when travelling with TGV.

When you register on the site Klikego you add an online payment of 40 euros to this means of transport.

Numbered bib collection

The collection of numbered bibs will be held at the Green Marathon Village on the ‘Esplanande General Charles de Gaulle’ on:

FRIDAY THE 25st of OCTOBER 2019: From 1,45pm to 7pm

SATURDAY THE 26ND of OCTOBER 2019: From 10am to 7pm

• No numbered bib can be collected without ID

Free shuttle buses


Sunday, 27th of October 2019 for riders and accompanying friends.


• To reach the start in Cap Malo

From 6:45am

Until 7:30am at the latest

Bus Station located right next to the train station

For arrival at the starting point no later than 8am


• Free shuttles from the hotel Oceania St. Grégoire to the starting area in Cap Malo, starting 7:40am opposite the Alphasis Oceania zone).

• For Novotel Gare and All Seasons hotels: transfer from the bus station to Cap Malo.

• From Escale Oceania Cap Malo: departure is on site.


From the Bus Station to Cap Malo (stop Oceania Hotel St Grégoire)

• 2:15 pm

• 3:15 pm


• Back to the plaza of Charles de Gaulle in coaches at 9:15am, 9:20am, 9:25am.

The Marathon

Running a legendary distance, a real personal challenge!

The fastest marathon of 2019!

Sunday the 27th of October 2019 - OPEN TO EVERYONE!!!

• The race will begin in Cap Malo (Melesse) at 9am

• Green Marathon was awarded the International seal of approval

• Discover the future routes of this 6th edition soon

Online routes are 100% road between Pacé and Rennes, with a descent. The first part is situated in the Rennes countryside while the finish allows you to discover Rennes heritage.

(The Parliament of Brittany, the Town Hall, the Opera).

Atmosphere guaranteed all the way.

Registration fees for the 2019 marathon:

• €44 until the 30-06-2019

• €49 until the 01-09-2019


The Marathon package deal: from €95

“1 numbered bib + 1 room for 2 people + free tourist visits”

More information :

• Numerous awards 

• Attractive price rates for the elite

• Free shuttle buses to the start

2nd fastest performance in France after the Paris marathon for men and women

About the marathon :

• Water, refreshments, cakes and fruit are available every 5km throughout the course and at the finish - first refuelling station at 5km

• toilets at every refuelling station

• sponging stations arranged between the supply points after 7.5km

• cloakrooms

• showers

• entertainment along the way

• pacemakers

• 6 proposed speeds - 2 pacemakers per speed

• 3 hours – 3 hours 15 minutes – 3 hours 30 minutes – 3 hours 45 minutes - 4 hours – 4 hours 15 minutes

The marathon’s international seal of approval

Discover Rennes!

At the centre of Western France, Rennes has a privileged location near the Mount Saint Michel and Saint Malo. Less than an hour from the Emerald Coast and the Gulf of Morbihan, near great fortresses of Brittany, the city is at the confluence of land and water.

From the elegance of the buildings of the Classical period, to the charm of medieval streets: the historic city knows no monotony. Yet in contrast to a museum city, it is full of popular shops, providing the opportunity to admire a remarkable architectural heritage, while indulging in the pleasures of window shopping and lazing.

Rennes seduces with its propensity to develop a collective and responsible mind set. Social cohesion and respect for the environment are longstanding priorities within a variety.

Lively and eclectic, the Rennes cultural scene meets all expectations, thanks to the high quality of programs and creativity, as well as the talent festivals which hold up its reputation. On the sporting side, the city has three professional clubs and is very proud to offer high class amateur practise with 50,000 certified coaches.


Run for the Planet

Green Marathon combines the race for planting trees in Inde, France, Allemagne, Portugal, with the Yves Rocher Foundation under the aegis of the Institut de France to reforest and provide work for women in Tigray.

"1km travelled = 1 tree planted" with the Yves Rocher Foundation - Institut de France

Each kilometre travelled events contributes to this goal:

Each runner can download a certificate stating his tree planting contribution in Ethiopia.

In 2012 67,615 km = 67,615 trees

In 2013 79,190 km = 79,190 trees

In 2014, 82,152 km = 82,152 trees

In 2015, 144,322 km = 144,322 trees

In 2016, 115 025 km = 115,025 trees

In 2017, 117 278 km = 117,278 trees
In 2018, 119 406 km = 119 406 trees

In 7 years, the Green Marathon Participants have succeeded in the planting of 724,988 trees in Ethiopia, Inde, France, Portugal.

In 2017, a tree planting spot will be created in Ille-et-Vilaine in Pacé so as to plant trees locally, with the Yves Rocher Foundation - Institut de France.


One of Green Marathon delegates left for Ethiopia from the 11th to the 15th of April 2013 with the following objectives:

• Planting 67,615 trees corresponding to the 67,615 km covered during the 4 rounds of the Green Marathon 2012 with the Yves Rocher Foundation - Institut de France

• To develop partnerships with key worldwide economical stakeholders and Breton Universities with their Ethiopian counterparts

Other events

The duo Marathon with Mc Donald’s

Participate in 2 legendary marathon distances!

• 2 x 21.975km (official distance of a half marathon) with a gathering at La Place de la Mairie to cross the finish line together.


• The race will begin in Cap Malo (Melesse) at 9:30am

• Numerous awards

The West France Marathon Relay

With 5 runners per team*, the legend is shared and accessible to as many people as possible (men, women or mixed)

Limited to 700 teams

No shuttles to the West France Marathon Relay!

The values that mark the foundation of daily life are pertinent: team work, friendliness, fair play, solidarity, citizen’s conduct and fun-sharing!

Departure from Cap Malo, (Melesse)

10:15am for the OPEN CHALLENGE

10:30am for the BUSINESS and STUDENT challenges

• Open challenge: associations, clubs and private organisations: €100

• Students challenge: €50

• Business challenge: €290

Relay runners follow the marathon course:

• Step 1: 8.3 km - La Chapelle-des-Fougeretz - Montgermont

• Step 2: 5.9 km - Montgermont - Pacé

• Step 3: 9,9 km - Pacé - St Grégoire

• Step 4: 9,6 km - St Grégoire - Rennes - Beaulieu Campus of the University of Rennes 1

• Step 5: 8.495 km - Beaulieu Campus of the University of Rennes 1 - Cesson - Arrival Rennes, reunion of the 5 runners 1 km from the finish

* One runner can exceptionally complete 2 relays.

Gathering of the 5 runners for the last km, in ‘La Place de la Mairie’ in Rennes.

You will find below the runner’s guide with all the practical information about the relay for the big day

A ticket for the car park will be sent with the numbered bibs in your envelope.

Torchbearer Guide: see the practical runner’s guide.

Car Course: see detailed course also for cars and runners.

Yves Rocher for women

7.5km – Running or Walking

Exclusively for women, this event will allow participants to travel through 4 historic places in Rennes: the Thabor Park, the Parliament of Brittany, the town hall and opera house and ‘La Place de la République’. The race will start on the Beaulieu campus of the University of Rennes 1 at 9am

• The finish will be judged on Boulevard des Alliés (Esplanade General Charles de Gaulle)

Open to all women – 7.5km completed at your own pace and thanks to you 7 trees will be planted in Ethiopia!

Warm up: led by the team of Aquatonic

Online registrations: €12

The Nordic Walk Sponsored by Lamotte

Distance of 11km – ¼ of the Vilaine towpath

An option that has more and more fans of all ages!

• The walk will start on the Beaulieu campus of the University of Rennes 1 at 8:45am.

The walk follows the marathon course from Cesson- Sévigné. The last kilometres will be identical to Marathon passing by the Parliament of Brittany, the City Hall and the Opera.

The finish will be judged on Boulevard des Alliés (Esplanande General Charles de Gaulle).


Online registrations: €10


Registrations for the Marathon are open to everyone.

The Green Marathon is committed to a sustainable development approach, keen to be a key player alongside public institutions in travel, energy, waste, water and social integration.

The Green Marathon Association is developing an eco-citizen approach with the implementation of elements of sustainable development.

By promoting the values of sport and education of the runners and volunteers, the Green Marathon remains a "citizen and responsible event."